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Our property partners have been earning additional revenue from our signage for over 10 years, and  have an effortless way to communicate with tenants and visitors in real time.


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Elevision Media: The Premier Workplace & Residential News and Tenant Communication Network

The Elevision Network provides up-to-the-minute news and information delivered on digital flat screens located in the elevators of your properties. Elevision provides continually scrolling headlines of the day’s top news stories, as well as a dashboard of time, weather, stock market and other relevant information.


Beyond the latest news, Elevision Media allows you to communicate directly with your tenants, efficiently and powerfully, by presenting important building messages on the screens – messages that you control and can update in near real-time.


A True Convenience for Your Tenants and Visitors.
A simple stop on the way up to their office or home and a glance at the continuously scrolling headline stories is all they need to get caught up on the day’s top stories, a convenience that they will come to depend on.


Secure, Easy-to-Manage Communications.
Using our secure password-protected Web-based portal, you can manage your building’s message from any computer. With a few mouse clicks, your tenant communications can be uploaded and running within minutes.


Improve Your Security Practices.
When an emergency situation arises, getting the correct information to as many people in the quickest way possible is key. Our messaging efficiency can provide valuable support to your existing security practices.

Property Messages

Property Messages | Managed Via the Property Portal

One of the most attractive features of Elevision Media to building owners and managers is our Web based Property Portal. Our secure, online system allows building management to communicate relevant updates to their tenants and visitors quickly and effectively.


Types of Messages

  • Building Welcome
  • New Tenant Welcome
  • Building Special Event
  • Space Available
  • Construction/Repair Notice

Property service & Support

Elevision Media is committed to providing our property partners with the highest level of service and support in bringing this amenity into your buildings and to your tenants.


Property Service & Support

Elevision Media is a real estate-focused company committed to your business. We have designed installation, maintenance and support processes to ensure all aspects of our partnership run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Our team of experienced real estate service professionals will provide you with knowledgeable support and customer service whenever you need it. From the moment you sign up with Elevision Media, our team becomes your property manager’s partner and key contact for:


  • Screen location selection and installation

  • Coordinating property visits

  • Training on posting tenant communications


Our team will continue to work with you closely throughout the life of the partnership, making sure that your questions and concerns are answered. The Elevision Media displays are meticulously serviced and maintained by our staff of fully trained maintenance service team members. From regularly scheduled maintenance to on-call service repairs, we provide all services related to the repair and maintenance of the displays. Working closely with your staff, we plan our service around your schedule and operations as to not disrupt your core business.


For more information about bringing The Elevision Network to your properties, please contact our Real Estate Services Team.